Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Opportunity Engine

Apologies For The Delay!

You probably have been wondering why I have not posted a blog in so long. There is an answer. I have been very busy with my partner on building a new larger, faster and more efficient server platform to do just that. Along the way a new business was developed. The very same tool that has reached you has now become a business. It is run by my partner but none the less I have been very involved. It is called the Opportunity Engine (OE). It will be used to do many things. Among them is to market the new syndicated internet radio program called Just Ask George. More details on the Opportunity Engine and Just Ask George are coming soon.
Also I will be using OE to release my next book The Obstacle Course II. Make sure you have the first book so the second book will sink in even further. If you need to buy it go to the Obstacle Course Book website or you can purchase it from BH Capital Ltd
A Product That Markets Itself?

Here is the interesting part. The OE can be used to market itself. Think about it. A business communication tool that can communicate about itself to sell itself through itself. Every time I use it, the value of OE is validated. Weird or neat? I think both.
I will be communicating with you as in the past, more regularly, now that our new platform is up and running. I am really excited about that as well. In my next blog I will tell you how the OE, as an unintended result, turned into a burgeoning business. It might be subject for another book!